How could something so small become so big? How could something so bad, become so good? This sums up our story.

Kaelyn Danielle Chrapczynski was diagnosed with “AML” Leukemia June 18th. Leukemia is a blood disease where one cell mutates and then replicates itself over and over again. The process clogs up the bone marrow and doesn’t allow the bone marrow to make healthy cells, which is why Leukemia is so dangerous.  Basically, one small cell becomes one big problem.

At 4 feet tall, Kaelyn is fierce in spirit, and mighty in will power. She is a perfect blend of strength and beauty. She is mastering painful dressing changes, and fearful procedures. She refuses to let chemotherapy slow her down. Rather than letting the disease control her, she is controlling it. She “FIGHTS LIKE A GIRL.”

Kaelyn grows each day. She makes new friends with nurses, patients and visitors. She stays in touch with friends and family through her IPAD with FaceTime. She plays outside, does art projects with volunteer art-teachers and does Yoga with volunteer yoga instructors. She does her homework, plays with her sister, and still tells her parents what to do and how to do it. She conquers each day her own way.Kaelyn

Our family is growing much like Kaelyn. We are together each day. We play, interact and love each other each day.  Our family is strong, united and inspired by the strength, determination and growth of Kaelyn. Our goal is to turn something so bad into something so good.

Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and support for Kaelyn. Thank you for following her story.  It is the contribution of so many people, each in their own way that is helping Kaelyn and our family through this. We are “Team Kaelyn.”

You can follow Kaelyn’s progress at www.caringbridge.org

Written by Jeff Chrapczynski

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